Sisterly Love?

Having not had a typical sibling relationship as I was growing up, I question whether the type of interaction that took place between my girls today is pretty common place or whether it's just vindictive. 

While waiting for me to get Dumpling and all of her gear out of the car in the parking lot of Barnes & Noble, Punky and Sweetpea stood on the median row that was filled with grass and trees.  It was taking me longer than expected since a diaper change was in order and before I knew it, a screeching Sweetpea was running toward me and swatting her legs. 

Apparently Punky had told her to stand on an ant hill. 

I have no idea why she agreed to this absurd action since she knows about ants, particularly about red ants.  I poured streams of ants out of her cowgirl boots and doctored her 20+ ant bites.  Then asked two questions:

To Sweetpea:  "Why did you stand on the ant hill - didn't you think they'd be mad and try to protect their home by biting you?"
Response:  "Punky told me to."


To Punky: "Why would you tell your sister to stand on an ant hill?"
Response:  "I did know that they were red ants, but I didn't think they could get into her boots."



Jill said...

"Stand here and see how hard I can hit you in the face. "

Every day.

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