Advice from a 7 year-old

Last night at bedtime, after a harrowing display of determination and gusto during a roller skating party, Punky was having trouble unwinding. 

She was getting worked up about it being Monday tomorrow and describing all that that entails at school (e.g., moving of clips due to good/bad behavior, which 'special' it will be, not having someone to play with at recess).

I listened from my spot on the floor where we'd been reading Little House on the Prairie.  Sweetpea listened from her bed.  I tried reassuring and bolstering Punky's confidence, but it seemed to have little effect.

In the midst of my support, Sweetpea interrupted and offered her own:

"It's just life...
That's how it is."

Pause for 5 seconds as we all sat in silence.

"It's not like it's a vegetarian meal. It's just life."


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