Big Dreams

Sweetpea declared at breakfast this morning that she'd like to be a forensic criminologist.  OK.  I'm pretty sure I wanted to be a fashion-designer when I was 7.  Punky's response to this claim was that she wanted to be a lawyer.  As if it was a one-upper.

The bickering began - as is usual at 7:00 a.m. all times.

Then Punky got up from breakfast, walked over to her easel in the kitchen and wrote:

Sweetpea + Punky = Tantrum

I told her that was very perceptive and logical, which were good traits for a lawyer.  She let me know that should wouldn't really need those things since, as a lawyer, she was just going to "convince the bad guys to turn themselves in and go to jail." 

That sounds much more Dog-the-bounty-hunter and less Gloria-Allred to me, no?


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